Cream of tartar should always be mixed with flour; soda with milk.

Where cream of tartar and soda are used, take two-thirds cream of tartar and one-third soda.

For cookies always use pastry flour. If you have to use bread flour, take two ounces less and a little more soda or ammonia.

To have cup cakes even and smooth on top, grease the cups well and heat first; if you want them to spring up in center, grease very lightly and do not warm.

For all cookies and snaps you can use "Egg Nutrine" in place of fresh eggs. To equal five eggs use one ounce of "Nutrine" and dissolve in one-half of a pint of milk.

Soft "A" or light brown sugar is very good for cookies, because they do not dry out so quick. If you have old cream, custard, whipped cream, etc., left over, it can be used to best advantage in lemon and sugar cookies, spice cakes, etc.