Beat up well three pounds of powdered sugar with fourteen eggs; add two ounces of anise seed, one-half of an ounce of ammonia, and four pounds of flour; mix very light. First leave out some flour, as sometimes it does not take all of four pounds. Roll out one-half of an inch thick, cut in small sheets, and press them well into the moulds. Then cut them apart with a sharp knife and set on boards to dry. Dust the boards lightly with anise seed. If you want to have them stand over night before baking, do not set them so warm. If the bottom is very dry, wet the edges a little with wet fingers. Set on lightly greased tins; bake in cool oven.

Springerle. No. 2

Stir three pounds of sugar well with the yolks of sixteen eggs, four whole eggs, one-half of an ounce of ammonia. Then beat the whites of sixteen eggs to a stiff froth and add alternately with four pounds of cake flour to above. Proceed as above. This is a very fine mixture, but must be treated carefully.