European Style of Freezing

Especially for water-ices, the European hand-freezing process is the best, in fact the only proper way. A plain packing can, of zinc if possible, is used. Set it in a packing tub, well packed with salt and ice. Do not pack too solid, but so you can turn the can with one hand; strain and pour in your syrup; put the cover on (with handle) and turn for about five minutes, then with spatula scrape off the sides, and, turning the can with one hand, stir up the syrup on the sides; put the cover on again after a few minutes and turn fast, and so continue turning, occasionally scraping the sides down until all is well frozen; then, after letting all the water run off, re-pack with more ice and salt, beat up well once more and set away. The open "Vienna Ice Cream Machine" is now adopted by many of the leading caterers and is worked on this principle. The "American Ice Cream Machine" is certainly more convenient, more profitable, and quicker in working. It beats up the cream, or ices, increasing the contents to double the liquid quantity at least, but it does not give it the fine, silk-like finish obtained by the use of the European method.