Vienna Ice Cream (Vanilla)

Set on a moderate fire in a clean kettle two quarts of milk, yolks of twelve eggs, one-half of a vanilla bean, one and three-fourth pounds of sugar, stirring slowly but steadily with beater. As soon as it is near boiling, take off, cool a little, and add one quart of double cream; strain through a fine sieve and freeze.

Ice Cream with Eggs

Mix well two quarts of cream, one quart of milk, six eggs, one and one-fourth pounds of powdered sugar; vanilla.

Philadelphia Ice Cream

Beat up two quarts of double cream, three-fourths of a pound of fine sugar, one teaspoonful of vanilla, strain through a fine sieve into freezer, add the whites of two eggs and freeze. In place of whites of eggs, one tablespoonful of desiccated egg white can be used to advantage.

American Ice Cream

Beat one pint egg yolks with one quart of milk or cream; cook two quarts of milk with one and a quarter pounds of sugar, add the solution and two tablespoonfuls of vanilla or lemon, strain and add two whole raw eggs. This is an inexpensive cream.

Custard Cream

One gallon of milk, one and one-half pint eggs or yolks, two pounds of sugar, two tablespoonfuls of corn starch. Set on a moderate fire; stir until n=ar boiling, but do not let it boil up. If desired, about two quarts of sweet cream may be added with ten ounces of powdered sugar. Flavor to taste.

Lemon or Orange lee Cream

To any of the above mixtures add one ounce of either lemon or orange extract to a gallon.

Raspberry Fruit Cream

Two quarts of double cream, one quart of ripe berries, one lemon peel and juice, and one and a quarter pounds of fine sugar; stir up; press through a fine sieve and freeze slowly.

Peaches, strawberries and all other fruits may be used the same as above.

Pineapple Cream

Make same as above, only grate into it one large, peeled pineapple, well ripened.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Dissolve six ounces of chocolate with one-half pound of powdered sugar and three-fourths of a pint of water on a slow fire. Stir until all is smooth and getting thick, then add slowly any of the above mixtures.

If it is desired to make chocolate cream from vanilla already frozen, dissolve chocolate as above, then cool a little, and add by small spoonfuls some of the frozen cream until all is smooth and thoroughly cold; then add sufficient of the frozen cream, set in well packed freezer; stir a few minutes and set away.

Chocolate Essence

To Keep On Hand

Dissolve two pounds of chocolate in a hot water bath; cook five pounds of sugar and one-half pound of glucose with one quart of water to a syrup, then pour it slowly into the chocolate, stirring well; add some powdered sugar if you want to make it sweeter. Set away in a cool place.

Coffee Cream

Mix two quarts of double cream and three-fourths of a pound of powdered sugar. Cook one quart of milk, add one-fourth of a pound of mixed Java and Mocha coffee, ground, and let it simmer about fifteen minutes; add two handfuls of sugar and let it stand some time; strain into the cream; add three eggs and freeze.


Dissolve two ounces of cornstarch in one gallon of milk; add one and three-fourth pounds of sugar; boil until it starts to thicken; take from the fire and add two ounces of vanilla, one can condensed milk, whites of three eggs, and strain.

Caramel Cream

To one gallon of Philadelphia or Vienna cream add four ounces of burnt sugar (caramel) and one ounce of vanilla.

Bisque Ice Cream

For each gallon of Philadelphia cream allow, before serving, one glassful of strong wine and a half pound of roasted, crushed macaroons.

Croquant or Nougat Ice Cream

To Philadelphia or Vienna cream add, after freezing, one-half pound of crushed croquant, a little vanilla and sugar color. If it takes too long to cook fresh croquant, crush one-half pound raw well roasted almonds with fine sugar.