Few pastry cooks make a distinction between sherbet and wafer-ice. For sherbet or punch, for twenty-five persons, use the following formula: To two and one-fourth pounds of sugar add two and one-half quarts of boiling water; the juice of four and rind of two lemons; stir all up well; strain and add the whites of three eggs and freeze well. This is a general formula for all sherbets and punches and gives the best satisfaction. Lemons are so cheap now everywhere, that there is no excuse for using acids in their place. Using water in place of milk or cream reduces the cost so much that all possible care should be taken, and only the best of liquor and -fruits should be used in their preparation.

Roman Punch

To above mixture add, before serving, one wineglassful of rum.

Cardinal Punch

To above add one orange peel and the juice of two oranges; color bright red. Before serving add one wineglassful of sherry wine.

Pineapple Sherbet

A small can of grated pineapple, or a small fresh grated pineapple added to above.

Orange and Lemon Sherbets

Add to formula for Sherbets the grated peels of two and the juice of four oranges or lemons. Other fruits for sherbets are used in the same proportion.