1. For freezing, figure one quart of rock salt to five quarts of finely chopped ice.

2. Punch, sherbet and frozen fruits are generally served in glasses with handles.

3. One ounce of good gelatine is always sufficient to one quart of liquid for any dessert.

4. Always use double cream, that is cream which has stood twenty-four hours undisturbed.

5. Too much salt will freeze cream quicker, but makes it coarse and melts the ice too quickly.

6. Gelatine should always be soaked first in cold water before being melted. If heated too quickly or if boiling water is thrown over it, a disagreeable lime taste is given to it.

7. To fill fancy moulds, such as flowers, etc., in ice cream and ices, each part must be filled well, so all the rims are packed solid when closed, then wrap each mould in strong paper and pack at least three hours in ice.