Genuine water-ice is best made in a Vienna freezer or by hand. The very best ices should not be beaten up while freezing, but be compact and firm when done. The genuine formula is: Boil one quart of water with one and one-half pounds of sugar to a syrup, then add the grated peel of one and juice of two lemons, and one pint of juice of any kind of fruit. If the fruit is tart, such as red currants, use more sugar. If you want to beat up same, add the whites of two eggs.

Lemon Ice

Take one extra peel and the juice of two more lemons than in the formula.

Frozen Lemonade

Take half of any sherbet, after freezing, and add one pint of water and one handful of powdered sugar to it. Fill glasses three-fourths full and lay on the top of each a small piece of the sherbet.

Frozen Fruit

Only fresh fruit as may be in season, should be used. Freeze any fruit as for sherbet above; before serving mix in one quart of fresh fruit; whole peaches, apricots and such large fruit should first be cut in smaller pieces.