1. Never soak rice for rice puddings.

2. Always use pastry flour if on hand.

3. If patent flour is used, use a little extra lard and mix moist.

4. When berries are used for Roly Poly, prepare them the same way as for pies in Part I.

5. If boiled in a kettle direct on the fire, put a plate on the bottom to keep the pudding from burning.

6. To boil puddings in a bag, grease the inside of the cloth with butter and sugar; when done, dip the bag in cold water so that it will loosen easily.

7. If you want to steam puddings, put the mixture in a greased and sugared mould or dish and tie over with a cloth and set into steamer. Cover steamer closely and steam a little longer than for boiling.

There are other formulas for plum puddings, but I give two only, which are warranted the best. The first is what I use; it cuts and cooks excellently. The other is the genuine old Colonial recipe.