Cottage Bread Pudding

For ten persons. Soak as much as a half loaf of stale bread or six biscuits in a quart of milk. Beat up well together four or five eggs, one cup of sugar, one teaspoonful vanilla, one-half teaspoonful salt and two tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Mix up well with the bread, adding one cup of large raisins. Bake in a buttered and sugar-dusted china dish or tin pan. Set this dish in a pan of hot water. A little nutmeg improves the flavor.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Slice your bread thin, spread well with butter, and fill your dish half full of this buttered bread; then pour custard (prepared same as for custard pie) over it; omit raisins and bake same as the other bread pudding.

Farina or Indian Meal Pudding

One-half pound of farina or meal, stirred into one quart of boiling milk and leave on fire until it thickens; set away to cool, stirring into it, when cold, one-half pound of sugar, yolks of four eggs, the grated rind of a lemon and the stiff froth of the whites of four eggs; then add one even teaspoonful of good sifted baking powder, and one-half nutmeg, grated. Mix in well and bake one-half hour - not too hot.


Proceed the same as above, using eight eggs, and do not bake until time to serve. Bake in a hotter oven, using a china dish, and do not set into hot water as you do with puddings.

Tapioca and Sago Pudding

For twelve persons. Put one-half pound of tapioca or sago in three pints of boiling water (never soak over night), stir and set on a slow fire; stir continually to keep from sticking to the bottom. When it is all soft and jellied, put in double boiler with one pint of milk and one-quarter of a pound of butter and cook twenty minutes more until jellied again, setting away to cool. Beat up well four eggs with three-quarters of a cup of sugar (six ounces), one grated lemon, and a little nutmeg; then mix well with the other mixture and bake about forty minutes - not too hot.

Cottage Rice Pudding

For twelve persons. Put one-half pound of well-soaked rice in a galvanized kettle on a slow fire, with about three pints of boiling water and cook until all swelled and soft. If it boils dry, add more boiling water but do not disturb. When done, set away to cool. Proceed the same as above for sago. For sultana rice pudding, add one cup of sultana seedless raisins to above mixture.

Rice Puddings Family Style

Pour two quarts of boiling water over a pound of rice and cook very soft, then adding lemon peel, one pound of sugar and a little nutmeg, two tablespoonfuls butter, and two tablespoonfuls corn starch. When all the water is boiled in, add a pint of milk and cook all dry again; then pack solid in any mould and let it settle. Before serving, turn out on a deep plate and sprinkle with cinnamon and pour over it a nice soft vanilla custard, cold. Dip your mould in cold water before filling with the rice.