1. Apple pies should always have the prepared seasoning.

2. Gooseberries are improved by a little cinnamon or meringue.

3. Save all your broken crackers; dry them, pound fine and save for pies.

4. All pie dishes should be greased, and then dusted with cracker meal.

5. Never use soft butter or lard for pie crust. Always wash butter in ice water.

6. For baked pot pies (either meat or fruit), use the American Puff Paste and prick well.

7. Three ounces of sugar are sufficient to every quart of milk for custards of any kind.

8. Dried apples, cooked soft enough to press through colander, are very nice for meringue pies.

9. Never use too much flavoring of any kind in baking, especially cinnamon or almond extract.

10. All fresh fruit should be mixed with sugar before filling in pies. A little butter increases the delicacy.

11. Good corn starch can be used in a great many ways in pie baking, but only the best will give satisfaction.

12. Huckleberries and blueberries should always be mixed with some apples, either fresh or canned, to increase flavor.

13. Always keep a can of the prepared pie seasoning on hand, as this will increase the delicacy of flavor of almost every pie.

14. The recipe for American Puff Paste, if made as directed, will be worth more than the price of this book to any cook or housewife.

15. All patties, tarts, banburys, etc., are much improved if they are allowed to rest on ice for at least half an hour before going into the oven.

16. If corn starch is to be used in place of flour, use the best. Don't use too much, a large tablespoonful always is sufficient to every pint of milk or water.

17. Always follow our general rules and change flavors to suit yourself. Every one of our recipes can be used with different fruits, flavors and names changed, but follow the instructions otherwise.

18. Success in pie baking depends a good deal on the mixing of the crust. Never work any more than necessary; just stir around enough to have it hold together and let rest as long as possible in cold place.

19. Prick the top crust on every pie to let the steam escape. When using fresh fruit, insert in center of top crust a small round tube of tin or strong paper, through which all steam will escape as through a chimney.