One pound of butter washed well in ice water and one pound of mixed flour; mix together very light, with one ounce of baking powder, one egg, one teaspoonful of salt and enough ice water to make a smooth paste, same as you make for tea biscuits; roll out once about eighteen inches long and ten inches wide, turn in the ends to meet in the middle and double again; let rest in ice box or cellar for an hour, and repeat this until rolled out four times. For tarts and patties, roll out one-quarter of an inch in thickness, cut out with biscuit cutter, lay on clean cooky tins (not greased), and if time allows, let rest awhile in cold place before baking. When ready for the oven, dip the top of a small wine glass or biscuit cutter in hot water and press in the center of each tart, down to near the bottom of the paste; bake in a hot oven. When baked, cut the center all out with a sharp pen-knife and they are ready to fill. This paste is very valuable for the American cook, so as to be able to make patty shells with success, while it takes a great deal more experience to make French puff paste.