Sugar Couleur (Burned Sugar)

Dissolve one pound powdered sugar on a good fire, stirring it. Let it get black, until a thick, heavy smoke ascends and it foams up. Then pour in a pint of water and stir until all is dissolved again.

Croquant or Nougat

Melt in a kettle one and a half pounds of white sugar without water, stirring it occasionally. Then add one pound of thin sliced or chopped blanched almonds, which you have first heated. Mix well and quickly now, and roll out on well oiled marble slab, and cut out or mould in any shapes desired to make pyramids, centre pieces, etc.

Clear Caramel

For Spun Sugar Ornaments, Flowers, Etc

Boil two and a half pounds of loaf sugar with a pint of water (short measure) and a pinch of cream of tartar to the crack (280 degrees). Take off the fire and keep in hot water bath. Now dip in your spoon and run out the design as drawn on well oiled marble slab, or for flowers dip in your lead moulds.

Rock Sugar (Honeycomb)

For Decorating

Boil two and a half pounds of granulated sugar to light crack (285 degrees) and stir into it one good tablespoonful of royal icing (with acetic acid). It will foam up in a minute, and must be poured as quickly as possible on an oiled slab, as it will turn hard in a second afterwards. If you want to get different shades to represent rocks, you can make up a spoonful of different colored frosting before adding to the caramel

Pure Baking Powder

Mix together two pounds of pure cream of tartar, one pound of baking soda, one-half of a pound of corn-starch, one-half pound of flour. Sift seven or eight times through a fine sieve.

Cheap Baking Powder

One-half of a pound of cream of tartar, one-half of a pound of saleratus, three ounces of tartaric acid, one ounce of salt, two ounces of ammonia, one pound of corn-starch or flour. Sift fine ten times.

Victoria Biscuits

Four pounds of flour, one-half pound of cornstarch, four ounces of sugar, three ounces of butter, one and one-half pints of eggs, one-half gill of milk. Rub butter in flour. Beat sugar, eggs, etc., make bay in flour, add the rest and mix all into smooth dough. Roll out very thin, cut with round cutter, dock well, bake in hot oven. Very fine to serve with coffee.

Vanilla Crisp

Eighty-five pounds of fine sugar, thirty-five pounds of butter and lard, six ounces of vanilla, one gallon of honey, five and one-half gallons of sour milk, one and one-half pounds of ammonia, one pound of salt, one and one-half pounds of soda, one barrel of flour. Mix up well, pass through rollers twice, cut with small fancy cutter; bake like cookies.

Pineapple Cakes

Same as above. Add 5 ounces of essence of pineapple, no vanilla. Cut with square fluted cutter.

Lunch Crackers

Rub three pounds of hard lard into fifty pounds of hard winter wheat flour, add one and one-half ounces of salt, two gallons of milk, with five ounces of soda, one pound of sugar and four ounces of cream tartar. Work smooth, roll thin, dock well and bake upon wire screens.

Lunch Wafers

Rub dry into four pounds of cake flour one-half pound of butter, one-half pound of lard. Add to this three-fourth of a pint of milk, two eggs, one ounce of ammonia, peach essence and mix into light dough, stiff. Roll out and cut like lemon snaps.

Water Biscuits


Two quarts of water, luke warm; 16 pounds of flour, one-half ounce of yeast; mix stiff and let stand over night. In the morning add one-half pound of shortening, two and one-half ounces of salt, one ounce of soda. Mix very good and let rest for one or two hours. Bake smooth, pass through .rollers, cut out, dock well with fork or docker and bake on dry pans in good heat.

Butter Biscuits


Rub one and one-fourth pounds of butter in six pounds of flour, fine; add one-half ounce of salt, one quart of milk or water, make smooth dough, let rest a wile, break well, roll out one-fourth inch thick, dock well, cut out round, bake in medium heat.


For Machine

One hundred and fifteen pounds of flour, sixty-five pounds of sugar, six gallons of milk, four and one-half ounces of ammonia, one-half pound of soda, one and one half pounds of cream tartar, four quarts of eggs, twenty-five pounds shortening, two ounces of lemon.