From puff-paste leavings, roll out a sheet one-fourth of an inch thick, cut out round the size of dish you wish to serve it on, wash the edge a little with water and fill the center with your meat or game; roll out another sheet of fresh paste, cover over the meat, lapping over the border; cut off sharp and scallop a little. For large patties, lay another ring of fresh paste around the border. Wash all well with egg, prick a few times with a fork and decorate with small thin stars, etc.; bake at about 370 degrees.

Large Patty Shells

Cut out a round bottom layer one-quarter of an inch thick from good French paste, lay it on strong pan that will not warp in the oven. Now make a ball of fine shavings, cover with thin paper and tie together with fine thread to keep it in shape. Set this in the center of the paste and dust well with flour. Then roll out a piece of the paste one eighth of an inch in thickness and layover the ball, covering it thoroughly and lapping over the border, cut it off sharp on the edges, prick with a fork, wash well with egg, decorate with little ornaments of different shapes (stars, squares, crescents, etc.) and some narrow strips of paste laid crosswise. When baked, cut about two inches from the top all around with a sharp knife, remove the cover, cut the thread, take out the paper and shavings carefully and after cleaning out thoroughly they are ready to fill with fricassee, oysters, etc.