Imperial Currant Pie and Tarts

Line one large flat cake tin with Vienna tart paste, making rim extra thick; fill with following mixture and bake slow: Beat the whites of five eggs very stiff, adding six ounces of powdered sugar, a little at a time; after the eggs are stiff, add two ounces of chopped almonds and half a pint of sour cream; finally add one pint of picked red currants. In winter, use a pint can of preserved currants or one pound of washed English currants. This is the genuine recipe from the German Imperial Court Confectionery, and will repay a hundredfold for the little extra care and trouble required in its preparation.

Imperial Vanilla Cream Tarts

Line a dish with Vienna tart paste, making rim double thickness and bake. Beat the whites of four eggs very stiff, adding six ounces of sugar, a little at a time, then mix in the four yolks and two tablespoonfuls of dissolved gelatine with one tablespoonful of vanilla extract or vanilla sugar; pour into the baked pie crusts and set away in ice box until wanted. In the place of vanilla any other flavor or rind and juice of lemon or orange may be used.

Apple Flamri Tarts

Line flat pie dishes with Vienna tart paste, have side with extra thick rim, dust with cracker meal, cut apples in thin slices, lay them closely together, covering the paste with one layer, sprinkle with sugar, pie seasoning, currants, fine citron and almonds, and bake half done; pour over this the same mixture as above. Peaches and plums may be used the same way, but no berries.

French Tartlets

Line patty moulds or flat tartlet dishes with American paste, dust well with flour and fill with dried beans or split peas; then pour out all the beans (saving them for the next time) and fill the shells with any jam, jelly or cream. These shells may also be used for oyster patties.

Metropolitan Cream or Jelly Tarts

Line moulds as above and fill with jelly or cream and oake, then make a light meringue, spread over the tarts and put back in oven until browned over the top.