Mince Meat for Pies

Two pounds of apples, chopped fine; one-half pound of washed currants; one pound of lean boiled beef, chopped fine; half-pound citron and orange peel; two lemons, grated and the juice; one pound raisins, stoning them if time allows; one pound of brown sugar; one-half nutmeg; two ounces of mixed ground spices; add either brandy, wine or cider to taste, and enough of the beef broth to moisten well.

French Madelaine Pie or Tarts

Line pie dish or tart mould with American puff paste and spread with jelly. Stir together lightly one cup of sugar, one cup of sweet almonds pounded very fine, and six yolks or three whole eggs; then add two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, three-quarters of a cup of pastry flour and one-half teaspoonful of baking powder. If too stiff, add a little milk or cream. Fill in the dish, roll out a piece of the paste, cut in narrow strips one-quarter of an inch thick, and lay close together across the top of pie. Bake by moderate heat for half an hour; if it colors too soon on top, cover with a strong, greased paper.

Rice Pie

Line plate same as for custard pie. One cup of rice, boiled very soft with one-half teaspoonful of salt; beat lightly four eggs with one-half cup of sugar; add the rice, one-half nutmeg, a little lemon or cinnamon, one quart of milk or cream, and two tablespoonfuls of butter. Press all through a fine colander twice and bake same as custard pie.

Southern Custard or Potato Pie

Boil or bake four good potatoes and take the skins off; beat up with five ounces of powdered sugar and five eggs, then add one ounce of flour, one and one-half quarts of milk, one-half grated nutmeg, one-half teaspoonful salt and one tablespoonful melted butter. Strain all through colander, fill in lined pie plates and bake like custard. Sweet potatoes or carrots can be used the same way. You may also steam the potatoes until mealy but not watery.

Rhubarb Pie

Get your rhubarb cleaned and cut in strips one inch long the night before and mix well with sufficient sugar. Next morning strain off the juice and set on the fire; when boiling add the rhubarb, boil about two minutes, stir two ounces (three good tablespoonfuls) of corn starch into it and take off to cool. A little cinnamon improves it greatly. Gooseberries are prepared in the same manner.

European Cherry Pie (Fiamri)

Line a flat pie dish or layer-cake tin with American puff paste, dust well with cracker dust and cover the bottom with one layer of stoned cherries and bake half done; pour over the following creme, and put back in oven for five to seven minutes longer. Creme: Four egg yolks, three ounces sugar, a little cinnamon, and two ounces of flour; mix all together, then add one-half pint of sour cream.