Analysis Of Water. - Color, Taste and Smell of Water. - Hirsch's Test for Sewage Contamination. - Tests for Carbonate and Sulphate of Lime and Magnesia. - Test for Alkalies and Alkaline Earths. - Tests for Air, Oxygen and Acid. - Tests for Sulphuric Acid. - Test for Phosphoric Acid or Phosphates. - Test for Urine. - Tests for Iron. - Tests for Lead. - Test for Zinc. - Tests for Copper. - Test for Sulphur. - Test for Hydrogen Sulphide. - Test for Iodine and Bromine. - Residue by Evaporation. - Tests for Organic Impurities by Permanganate of Potash. - Tests for Am-monia. - Tests for Chlorine or Chlorides. - Tests for Nitrates and Nitrites. - Tests for Living Germs. - General Results.