Prepare a saccharine solution as follows: Dissolve 10 grammes of saccharine and 5 grammes of bicarbonate of soda in one quart (1,000 grammes) of distilled or boiled water. Water containing lime must not be used, as the bicarbonate of soda and lime cause turbidity and carbonate of lime would be precipitated. Heat the liquid while agitating until all is dissolved. When the water is not quite clear, filter the solution through filtering paper; otherwise it will not be necessary.

Of this saccharine solution soda equal to 20 lbs. of sugar. No. 9 Powder 1300 grains (2 oz. 5 dr. 40 gr.) of saccharine and 650 grains (1 oz. 2 dr. 50 gr.) of bic. soda equal to 50 lbs. of sugar. No. 10 Powder 2,600 gr. (5 oz. 3 dr. 20 gr.) of saccharine and 1,300 gr.

One quart is equal to...6 lbs. of sugar.

One pint "...3 "

One ounce "...3 ozs. "

One drachm "...3 drachms "