"He bid me taste of it: and 'twas-the Grape."


Grape Juice No. 1

Wash grapes and stem them and put into a porcelain-lined kettle with just enough water to cover. Bring to the boiling point. Mash through a sieve and drain overnight through a jelly bag. Next morning bring to boiling point, skim, and boil fifteen minutes. Pour into hot sterilized bottles, and put in corks that have been dipped in boiling water. Fill wash boiler partly full of hot water. Place the corks in the bottles, and put on their sides in the boiler, on a rack. Cover, and boil continuously for one hour. Take from the boiler, and dip the corks into sealing wax. Keep in a cool dry place.

Grape Juice No. 2

Wash and stem grapes and cook with a little water until soft. Mash through a sieve and then drain through a jelly bag overnight. In the morning boil for twenty minutes and pour into hot sterilized jars, that have had the tops sterilized and the rubbers dipped in hot water. Seal and put in a light dry place. At the end of two months open the jars and pour into bottles to within two inches of the top. Put in corks, not too tight, and stand in a wash boiler of cold water; the water should only come half way up the bottles. Boil for an hour. Put the corks in tight and cover with sealing wax. The grape juice is said to be better flavored when made by this method.

Grape Juice No. 3

In a preserving kettle pour one pint of water over three pints of grapes. Cook slowly over fire for five minutes. Strain through a jelly bag, add one half pint of sugar, and when dissolved serve in glasses with cracked ice.

Grape Juice No. 4

Put well-washed grapes, free from stems, into a kettle and just cover with water. Cook until soft, and drain through a jelly bag overnight. Measure, and to each quart of juice add one cup of sugar and one cup of water. Bring to boiling point, skim, and bottle. When cold dip corks in sealing wax.

Unsweetened Grape Juice

To six quarts of grapes add one quart of water. Bring to boiling point and then strain through a jelly bag. Bring the juice again to the boiling point and pour into hot sterilized jars, and seal.

Grape Cup

In a large glass pitcher, put a piece of ice, one sliced orange, one sliced banana, three or four pieces of pineapple, and add any berries that are in season. Pour over this one quart of water and one pint of grape juice. Put in a few sprigs of mint and allow to stand until well blended. Serve in glasses one half filled with cracked ice.

Grape Phosphate

Mix twelve tablespoonfuls of grape juice, eight tablespoonfuls of orange juice, and four tablespoonfuls of acid phosphate with two quarts of plain syrup. Color with a little red vegetable coloring. Serve four tablespoonfuls to a glass and fill up with carbonated water.

Grape Juice And Banana

Grate the rind of one lemon and two oranges, and mix with the strained juice and one mashed banana. Add one half pint of grape juice, one and one half cups of sugar, and three pints of water. Strain through a fine sieve, and serve in small glasses. The stiffly beaten whites of two eggs added to this mixture and frozen makes a delicious dessert.