First scald the teapot. Allow from half to a full teaspoonful of tea to each cup, according to variety used. Pour freshly drawn boiling water over the tea, and allow to stand from three to five minutes. English breakfast tea should stand at least five minutes before it is served. Serve with sugar, cream, lemon or orange.

Tea A La Commodore

Make tea according to preceding recipe, and serve with sugar and three cloves to each cup.

Tea A La Biltmore

Serve tea sweetened with red and white rock candy instead of sugar. A slice of lemon may be added.

Tea For Two

A quick way to make tea is to measure one half teaspoonful of tea for each cup, or more according to the brand of tea used, into a tea ball. Put the tea ball into the cup and pour over freshly boiled water. Let stand for three minutes. Remove the tea ball, and serve with lemon and sugar, or cream.

Honolulu Tea

Make a syrup of one half cup of juice from preserved pineapple to two tablespoonfuls of sugar, and simmer cubes of pineapple in it until the syrup is nearly absorbed by fruit. Serve three cubes to each cup of hot tea, and more sugar if desired.

Russian Tea

Scald earthenware teapot with boiling water and put in two teaspoonfuls of tea, pour over boiling water, filling the pot one fourth full, and let stand three minutes. Then fill pot full of boiling water and let brew five minutes. In serving, dilute with hot water, and put a slice of lemon in each cup. Preserved strawberries or cherries may be added.

Iced Tea

Make tea according to preceding recipe and pour over cracked ice in tall glasses. Add slice of lemon and powdered sugar to taste. A sprig of mint may be added.

Tea A La Mitchell

Serve a spoonful of orange marmalade to each cup of hot tea.

Mate, Or Paraguay Tea

Put a level teaspoonful of mat6 in a small muslin bag, which comes in each package of the tea, and pour over one pint of freshly boiled water. Remove the bag, and the beverage is ready to serve.


Put two heaping teaspoonfuls of mate in a heated coffeepot or teapot, pour over a pint of boiling water, and keep covered for two minutes; then strain. When cold, put in a punch bowl, and add one quart of Apollinaris and a pint of chopped ice. This may be sweetened if desired.

Sherbet Tea

Place a spoonful of lemon sherbet in a glass with two tablespoonfuls of lemon syrup and a dash of acid phosphate. Nearly fill the glass with cold tea, and add a little cracked ice and soda water. This is a delicious drink for hot days.