Boil three and a half gallons of honey for a moment, and add it, together with five gallons of boiling water, to twenty gallons of cold water; then add a pint of good yeast, half an ounce of oil of nutmeg, a tea-spoonful of oil of lemon, ten drops oil oil of wintergreen. Rub each one of these oils up well in separate parcels of sugar. The quantity of each parcel should be about two ounces, and add the whole. To check the fermentation, add three gallons of neutral spirits or four gallons of proof whiskey.

It is not necessary for the operator to always keep the quantity of honey mentioned in the text in view. Any quantity of honey will commence fermentation by the assistance of yeast.

Mead, as found in the shops, consists of a tumbler filled two thirds full of water, sweetened pleasantly with honey, and then filled with plain soda water from the fountain.

The length of time necessary for the fermentation, of the mead, in the above recipe, will be from twelve to thirty-six hours. This must be regulated by the palate.