432. Ananas Bowl

Peel a fresh pineapple, cut it into slices; place that in a large bowl, and cover with one pound of pulverized sugar; cover the bowl well, and let it stand from twelve to twenty-four hours; add, according to the number of guests, three, four, or more bottles of Rhine wine; for every bottle of wine add six ounces of lump-sugar; place on ice, and add, before serving, a bottle of champagne.

433. Ananas Cardinal

Peel a fresh pineapple; cut it into slices; put that in a bowl, sugar it well, pour in one bottle of Rhine wine, and let it stand for a couple of hours; add, then, according to the number of guests, three or four bottles of Rhine wine; put it on ice, and serve.

434. Ananas Julep

Peel a ripe pineapple; cut it into thin slices, and place that in a bowl; add the juice of two oranges, one gill of raspberry syrup, one gill of maraschino, one gill of old Holland gin, one bottle of sparkling Moselle wine, and a scoop of shaved ice; mix thoroughly, and fill into glasses.

435. Apple Bowl

Peel twelve good, juicy, aromatic apples; remove the seeds; cut them into thin slices; put in a tureen thickly strewed with fine sugar; cover the tureen well, and let it stand in a cool place twenty-four hours; add a wineglassful of old Jamaica rum, and let it stand again for two hours; pour three to four bottles of alight Moselle or Rhine wine over it; put the tureen on ice for a few hours; strain the wine through flannel, and add one bottle of champagne.

436. Badminton

Peel one-half of a cucumber of medium size; cut into rather thick slices; put them in a bowl; add six ounces of pulverized sugar; grate a little nutmeg on top of it, and add a bottle of claret; put the bowl on ice, and add, after stirring, a siphon of Seltzer.

437. English Beer Bowl

Infuse the peel of a lemon, a thin slice of toast, some ground nutmeg and some pulverized ginger in a large wineglassful of brandy; add a sprig of borage, one of pimpernel, and some slices of peeled apples; pour over it two quarts of porter or ale, sweeten with three tablespoonfuls of sugar; cool it, and serve with cheese, bread and butter.

438. Cold Bishop

Peel a green, bitter orange very thin; put that in a new earthen pot; infuse it in one bottle of best Bordeaux or Burgundy in the well-covered pot from ten to twelve hours; strain, and sweeten at discretion.

439. English Bishop


Make slight incisions into the rind of four small, bitter oranges; roast them before a fire, on a grate, on both sides; place them in an enameled pot; add two bottles of fine claret, a few pieces of cinnamon and a fried bread-crust; cover the pot well, and let it simmer from six to eight hours; strain the wine through flannel, and sweeten to taste and serve.

440. Russion Bishop

Peel the rind of four bitter oranges; put in a tureen and infuse with three bottles of Muscat Lunel for an hour; strain the wine through flannel; bottle, and place on ice for one or two hours; then serve in glasses.