Pearl Wheat Or Cracked Wheat

Boil one pint in a pail set in boiling water till quite soft, but so as not to lose its form. Add a tea-spoonful of sugar, and as much salt; also water, when needed. It must boil a long time. Eat a part for supper, with sugar and cream, and next morning add two eggs, a great-spoonful of sugar, and fine flour enough to make it suitable for muffin-rings or drop-cakes.

Eye And Corn-Meal

Put into a pint and a half of boiling water one tea-spoonful of salt, two great-spoonfuls of sugar, two well-beaten eggs, three great-spoonfuls of corn-meal or unbolted wheat. Thicken with rye flour, and then add two well-beaten eggs. Bake in muffin-rings or as drop-cakes.


Take one pint of boiling water, and pour it on to one pint of oat-meal. Add a great-spoonful of butter, half a tea-spoonful of salt, and two great-spoonfuls of sugar. Stir fast and thoroughly; then add two well-beaten eggs, and boil twenty minutes. To be eaten as mush for supper; and next morning thin it, and bake in muffin-rings.

Several of the above articles are good with only salt and water; and many persons would like them better with the butter, sugar, and eggs omitted.

Wheat Muffins

One pint of milk, and two eggs.

One table-spoonful of yeast, and a salt-spoonful of salt. One table-spoonful of butter.

Mix these ingredients with sufficient flour to make a thick batter. Let it rise four or five hours, and bake in muffin-rings. This can be made of unbolted flour or grits, adding two great-spoonfuls of molasses, and it is very fine. Make it so thick that a table-spoon will stand erect in it.

Sally Lunn, Improved

Seven tea-cups of unbolted flour, or fine flour.

One pint of water.

Half a cup of melted butter, and half a cup of sugar.

One pinch of salt.

Three well-beaten eggs.

Two table-spoonfuls of brewers' yeast, or twice as much of home-brewed.

Pour into square buttered pans, and let it rise two or three hours with brewers' yeast; with home-brewed, five hours are required. It is still better baked in patties.

Cream Griddle-Cakes

One pint of thick cream.

One tea-spoonful of salt.

One table-spoonful of sugar.

Three well-beaten eggs.

Make a thin batter of unbolted or of fine flour, and bake on a griddle.

Royal Crumpets

Three tea-cups of raised dough.

Two table-spoonfuls of melted butter.

Half a tea-cup of white sugar, mixed with three well-beaten eggs.

Bake in two buttered pans-for half an hour.

Muffins Of Fine Flour Or Unbolted Flour

One pint of milk or water. One pinch of salt. Two well-beaten eggs. One table-spoonful of yeast.

Make a thick batter of fine flour or unbolted flour, and let it rise four or five hours. Bake in muffin-rings.

Unbolted Flour Waffles

One pint of unbolted flour.

One pint of sour milk, or buttermilk, or water.

Half a tea-spoonful of soda, or more if needed, to sweeten the milk.

Three well-beaten eggs.

Two table-spoonfuls of sugar.