How To Keep Cool In Hot Weather

Sit in a room covered with matting or without any carpet, and keep the floor wet with pure water and a watering-pot. In hot nights, place a double wet sheet on the bed and a woolen blanket over it, and it will cool the bed which is heated through the day, and does not cool as fast as the evening air. A hot bed is often the cause of sleeplessness. Wear wristlets and anklets of wet flannel. Shut all doors and windows early in the morning to keep in cool air, and let in air only through windows that are on the shady side of the house. If chambers open upon the hot roofs of piazzas or porticoes, cover them with clean straw or hay, and wet them with a watering-pot. In all these cases, the heat is taken from the air and from all surrounding things by the absorption of heat as the water changes to vapor.

Indelible Ink

Put six cents' worth of lunar caustic in a small phial, and fill with rain-water. To prepare the cloth, put a great-spoonful of gum-arabic into a larger bottle, with a drachm of salt of tartar, fill with water, and, when dissolved, wet the cloth, and press it smooth with a warm (not hot) iron. Put the articles, when marked, in the sun.

To Preserve Eggs

Pack eggs in a jar small end downward, and then pour in a mixture of four quarts of slacked lime, two table-spoonfuls of cream tartar, and two of salt. This will cover about nine dozen for several months.

To Prevent Earthen, Glass, And Iron Ware From Being Easily Broken

Put them in cold water, and heat till boiling, and cool gradually.

A Good Cement For Broken Earthen And Glass

Mix Russian isinglass in white brandy, forming a thick jelly when cool. Strain and cork. When using it, rub it on the broken edges, and hold them together three or four min-. utes.

To Keep Knives From Rust And Other Injury

Rub bright, and wrap in thick brown paper. Never let knife-handles lie in water, and do not let their blades stay in very hot water, as the heat expands the iron, and makes handles crack.

To Cleanse Or Renovate Furniture

White spots on furniture remove by camphene, or sometimes by oil or spirits of turpentine. Remove mortarspots with warm vinegar, and paint-spots with camphene or burning-fluid. Powdered pumice-stone is better than sand to clean paint." To polish unvarnished furniture, rub on two ounces of bees-wax, half an ounce of alconet root, melted together, and, when cooled, two ounces of spirits of wine, and half a pint of spirits of turpentine.

To Clean Silver

Wet whiting with liquid hartshorn, and this will remove black spots. Or boil half an ounce of pulverized hartshorn in a pint of water, and pour it into rags, dry them, and use to cleanse silver. Polish with wash-leather.

To Cleanse Wall-Paper

Wipe with a clean pillow-case on a broom, and brush gently. Hub bad spots with soft bread-crumbs gently.

To Purify A Well

Get out the water, and then put in three or four quarts of quick-lime. Any well long unused should be thus cleansed.

How To Treat Roses And Other Plants

Water them daily with water steeped in wood-ashes. To destroy slugs, scatter ashes over the plant at night before the dew falls, or before a coming shower. Water all plants with washing-day suds, and it makes them flourish. Scatter salt in gravel-walks to get out grass and weeds. Use old brine for this purpose. Use saw dust to manure plants; also wood-ashes; even that used to make lye is good.

Easy Way To Keep Grapes

When not dead ripe, have them free from dampness, take out the decayed, and wrap each bunch in cotton, putting only two layers in a box. Keep in a dry, cool room, where they will not freeze.

Snow For Eggs

Two table-spoonfuls of snow strewed in quickly, and baked immediately, is equal to one egg in puddings or pan-cakes.

Paper To Keep Preserves

Soft paper dipped in the white of an egg is the best cover for jellies and pickles. Turn it over the rim.

To Make Butter Cool In Hot Weather

Set it on a bit of brick, cover with a flower-pot, and wrap a wet cloth around the pot. The evaporation cools it as well as ice.

To Stop Cracks In Iron

Mix ashes and common salt and a little water, and fill the cracks.

To Stop Creaking Hinges

Put on oil.

To Stop Creaking Doors And Make Drawers Slide Easily

Rub on hard soap.

To Renovate Black Silk

Wash in cold tea or coffee, with a little sugar in them. Put in a little ink if very rusty. Drain and do not wring, and iron on the wrong side.

Another Way To Clean Kid Gloves

Rub them lightly with benzine, and, as they dry, with pearl-powder. Expose to the air to remove the smell.

To Remove Grease-Spots

Put an ounce of powdered borax to a quart of boiling water. Wash with this, and keep it corked for further use.

To Get Rid Of Rats And Mice

A cat is the best remedy. Another is to half fill a tub with water, and sprinkle oats and meal on the top. For a while they will be deceived, jump in, and be drowned or caught.