Candy, if not eaten between meals, is an allowable form of sugar. The best time for eating it is at the end of a meal, one or two pieces. Even in this case, however, it would be better for the body if the craving for sweet were satisfied by fruit rather than candy.

Candy made at home costs less than high grade commercial candy, even counting in the labor. It is superior to cheap grade candy, which may even contain poisonous coloring matter. It is a pleasure to make it at times, and it is always a pleasing gift at the holiday season.

Candy Methods And Recipes

A sirup is formed by cooking sugar with water.

The sirup thickens if process is prolonged and water evaporates.

Cane sugar is changed to glucose and fructose by boiling with an acid.

Heated without additional water, the sugar is partially decomposed, giving off water and becoming brown in color. This is "caramel," used for coloring, and flavoring.

The final stage of heating leaves pure carbon.