This is one of the tests of food management. It is so easy at the end of a meal either to throw food away, or set it into the refrigerator on the dish in which it has been served. Have a good supply of cheap bowls, plates, and saucers to hold left overs in the refrigerator, thus avoiding one possibility for breakage of the table china.

Keep slices of bread for toasting, pieces of bread, to dry for crumbs, with special receptacles for each. Return pieces of cake to the cake box. Muffins may be reheated. Toast may be kept to serve under eggs or meat.

All butter should be saved. Pieces left on butter plates if clean should be scraped into a wide-mouthed jar and kept for cooking.

Pieces of meat should be kept for reheating or "made" dishes, stews or soups or for salads. In hot weather, let your first order of meat be small, and dispose of left overs as rapidly as possible.

Vegetables may be reheated, or used for flavoring soups and stews, or used cold in salads.

Desserts and fruits may be used for a "pick up " luncheon.

Salads do not keep their freshness and flavor well, and should be used very soon.

Milk and cream should be returned to proper receptacles in the refrigerator as soon as possible.