The following table is a guide, but one must learn from practice, for the time depends upon the quality of the vegetable, whether tender or tough, and upon the size whether large or small. Test by gently inserting a fork.

Allow more time for cooking in a steamer, than for stewing or boiling. It requires more time to bake a potato than to boil one of the same size. Why?


(For stewing and boiling unless stated otherwise.)

Fifteen Minutes

Tender cabbage and sweet corn. These are usually cooked too long.

Thirty Minutes

Asparagus ; peas ; potatoes of medium size; summer squash; tomatoes.

Forty-Five Minutes

Young beets and carrots ; onions ; young parsnips; medium potatoes baked, sweet potatoes boiled.

One Hour

String and shelled beans ; cauliflower; oyster plant; winter squash, steamed or baked; young turnips.

Two Hours

Old carrots, beets, and turnips.

Six To Eight Hours (Or More)

Dried beans, lentils, and peas, baked in the oven, with water added.