In season: June to September.

The cauliflower, the name of which is supposed to be derived from caulis (a stalk), and fiorens (flowering), is a native of Cyprus, introduced in 1694. It requires excessive care in its culture.

Broccoli is supposed to be a species of the cauliflower; it is in season from November to April.

Fried Cauliflower (American)

Having laid a cauliflower in cold water for an hour, put it into a pot of hot water that has been slightly salted (milk and water will be still better), and boil it slowly five minutes, or till the stalk is perfectly tender, then divide it into small tufts, and spread it on a dish to cool. Prepare a sufficient quantity of batter, made in the proportion of a table-spoonful of flour and two tablespoonfuls of milk to each egg; beat the eggs very light, and stir them into the flour and milk alternately; a spoonful of flour and two spoonfuls of milk at a time. When the cauliflower is cold, have ready some fresh butter in a frying-pan over a clear fire. When it has come to a boil, and has done bubbling, dip each tuft of cauliflower twice into the batter, and fry them a light brown: send them to table hot. Broccoli may be fried in this manner.