Rhubarb Tea

Time, quarter of an hour.

Two pounds of rhubarb-sticks, one lemon, sugar to taste - one quart of water.

Slice the rhubarb, boil it for a quarter of an hour in a quart of water; strain it into a jug, add the juice of one lemon and a little sugar after it is cold.

Apple Tea

Time, half an hour.

Two pounds of apples, half a lemon, sugar - one quart of water.

Peel, core, and cut up the apples in quarters; boil for half an hour, strain the liquor into a jug, squeeze in the juice of one lemon, and sweeten to taste.

Soyer's Apple Water

One gallon of water, one pound of apples, half a pound of sugar, a slice of bread.

Boil the water; while it boils cut up the apples in quarters. Boil them till they can be pulped in the boiling water, strain through a colander; boil the strained liquor up again, with half a pound of white sugar - skim well; slowly toast a piece of bread till it gets quite black, and put it in the apple-water - let it get cold. Keep it in bottles, without a cork, in a cool place.

Apple Water

Cut some tart apples very small; pour boiling water over them, and set it to simmer gently for half an hour, then strain off the liquor; sweeten to taste.

Apple Rice Water

One gallon of water, one pound of apples, half a pound of rice, half a pound of lump sugar. Bake the apples, then put them in a pan and add the sugar; pour over them water in which the rice has been boiled to an utter pulp. Pass through a colander. To be drunk when cold.

Mulberry Drink

Half a pound of mulberries, quarter of a pound of sugar, two quarts of cold water - a little lemon-peel.

Bruise the mulberries, throw the sugar over them, and add a little lemon-peel. Pour in the cold water, stir well, allow it to settle, and strain off for bottling. A very delicious summer drink.

Fig Water

Quarter of a pound of preserved figs, two quarts of water, half an ounce of ginger.

Boil the figs to a pulp, with the ginger; strain off, and bottle.

French Plum Water

Haifa pound of French plums, two quarts of water, quarter of an ounce of ginger, quarter of a pound of sugar.

Pour water over the plums. Boil them, till pulped, with the ginger. Strain off; boil up again with sugar, and skim well. Bottle for use.

Green Gooseberry Water

One pound of gooseberries, one gallon of water, quarter of an ounce of ginger, three quarters of a pound of sugar.

Boil the gooseberries in boiling water till they pulp; strain through a colander. Boil up the juice again with the sugar and ginger. Skim well and bottle.

Red Currant Water

One pound of red currants, half a pound of raspberries, half a pound of sugar, one gallon of cold water.

Put in the fruit, well bruised, together with the sugar pounded. Stir well; let it settle, and strain for bottling.

Currant Water

Having pressed the juice from ripe currants, strain it clear; put to each pint nearly a pound of white sugar pounded; add cold water (or ice-water if you have it) to your taste; grate in a little nutmeg, and it will be found a fine cooling beverage.