Carpets should be swept the way of the pile, with wet tea-leaves, to prevent the dust from flying over the curtains and furniture. A short-handled soft brush should be used for valuable carpets, and the servant must sweep it with care once a week. Once a year carpets should be well shaken. For cleaning them when they are laid down, we recommend a wash called Proctor's Carpet Renovator. It must be used as follows: -

Let the article be well shaken and freed from dust; then with a flannel and hot water wet the part to be cleaned; rub on the renovator, and again use the flannel and hot water, then rub dry with a towel.

Carpets should be shaken, and put down as for use, and a small portion done at a time.

Sold in tablets at 6d. each, or 5s. 6d. per dozen.

It is also used for cleaning and restoring the colours of carpets, druggets, woollen materials,moreens, damasks, silks, etc., rendering them equal to new with very little trouble or expense.

Bedroom carpets should be wiped over, especially under the bed, with a damp cloth every day, or at least three times a week.

The house-wife who has her carpets wiped with a damp cloth daily (if mud be on them, the spots must first be brushed off), will find that it is only necessary to sweep them once a week, and that they will last for years longer than if they were swept daily. Of course the cloth must not be wet, only damp enough to pick up flue and dust. But however it is cleaned, be sure that it is done often and effectually, for the sake of health.

"A dirty carpet," says Miss Nightingale, "literally infects the room. And if you consider the enormous quantity of organic matter from the feet of people coining in, which must saturate it, this is by no means surprising.

"As to floors, the only really clean floor I know is the Berlin lackered floor, which is wet rubbed and dry rubbed every morning to remove the dust. The French parquet is always more or less dusty, although infinitely superior in point of cleanliness and healthiness to our absorbent floor".

Polished floors, well varnished, with a mere strip of carpet by the side of the bed (in bedrooms), is better and healthier than our present carpeted rooms.