The best oven for baking bread is the brick oven; but bread can be made at home and baked in the iron oven by the side of the fire, if good care be taken in the operation. There is an Italian expedient for baking bread, which we venture to suggest to ladies who possess only an iron oven. The peasants of Italy bake their loaves \n flower-pots, or rather in bowls of a similar material in their charcoal fires. Now if the dough be put into a nice new flower-pot of the size preferred, and the bread baked in it {in the iron oven), the bread will bake quite as well as in a brick oven, because the heat will be graduated in the same way, and both sides of the loaf, if turned carefully, will be equally well done.

In heating a brick oven fagots of brushwood are used as fuel, or quick-burning coal, which leaves little ash. The oven should be heated for about thirty or thirty-five minutes, then the fuel should be taken out, the floor swept, and the door closely shut to diffuse the heat for about twenty-five minutes before the loaves are put in.

The right heat can be ascertained thus : it is not too hot if the hand can be held in it (not of course touching the bricks) whilst counting twenty. An oven can be generally heated in one hour; sometimes in even less.