One bottle of sherry, half a pint of cold water, six or seven eggs, according to size, quarter of a pound of powdered sugar, a little nutmeg, and a few cloves, half a pound of macaroons, half a pound of ratafias, twelve spongecakes, one lemon.

Grate the biscuits into an old china bowl, and squeeze a lemon over them; beat the eggs thoroughly with the sugar and spice; pour the wine and water into an enamelled saucepan; stir till they boil; then pour them by degrees over the eggs, stirring one way all the time. If it does not thicken put it on the fire and stir till it does; then pour it hot over the cakes. Or:

Christmas Recipes

2. Wassail Bowl.

The Wassail Bowl

Ingredients: One pound of macaroons, one pound of ratafias, twelve spongecakes, one lemon, one bottle of sherry, one quart of custard.

Crumble the cakes altogether and squeeze the lemon juice on them, pour over them the greater part of the bottle of wine, at least enough thoroughly to saturate them; lay on the top a rich custard.

Make this sweet dish in an old china bowl. It makes an excellent pair with the punchbowl.