Trim off the edge of the jelly cake, then give it a thin coating of water icing (see water icing); next have a cone of white icing ready. To the more fully illustrate this, I will request you to follow out the pattern in my design (Page 353). After you have made that one, you can do any other you choose, as that one explains the whole. Now with the cone of white (or pink sugar, if you prefer it), pipe on the white lines in the sketch (see sketch); now fill in between these lines with fruit jelly (use a cone filled with jelly for this purpose); next, with the leaf cone, pipe on the leaves for the grapes (as described in diagrams for Artistic Piping, No. 38); then with a plain round cone pipe on the grapes, as described in No. 39, in diagrams. (See diagrams. The edge is simple plain dots of white sugar. See diagram No. 2.) I would here remark, if you so wish it you can pipe on the bunch of grapes with fruit jelly instead of sugar. You can also use chocolate ice instead of water ice for the top. Then pipe it in sugar and jelly as before, or ice it with jelly instead of either chocolate or water icing. In that case, where before you used jelly between the white lines of sugar, now use chocolate or pink icing. Or if you wish, you can dispense with the top icing of either jelly, chocolate, or water icing, and simply work out the design as shown in the white piping and jelly. But the foregoing is the most artistic; and I would here remark that what I give here is given simply for the instruction of those who wish to do artistic work; to others the instructions will be valueless. But my experience teaches me that most ladies have a taste for the ornamental, and wish to show it in this particular, as well as in others. And what would appear difficult to others will be easy to them; and I promise them they will be rewarded for their pains when they see how successful they are.