Snipe are best roasted with a piece of pork tied to the breast, or they may be stuffed and baked. - Mrs. M. R.

Salmi of Duck. Save remnants of cold duck or other game, trim meat off neatly, set aside; place all the remains (bones, gravy, etc.) in a sauce-pan and cover with cold water; bring gently to a boil; skim, add an onion that has been cut up and fried brown (not burned); simmer gently for about an hour, then set the sauce-pan in a cool place long enough to allow the fat to rise and "settle on top;" skim this off carefully - it will be nice to fry potatoes with. Now return the sauce-pan to the fire, and when about to boil strain off the liquid; set on again, add salt and skim. If the liquid looks cloudy, let it boil up, throw in a little cold water, and the scum will rise. Now put in the pepper and such spice as may be desired, also a bunch of herbs tied up in a piece of muslin, or very finely powdered.

Take a large spoon of flour that has been baked in the oven and kept for gravy, mix it well with a lump of butter same size, put this and the meat all in together and stir well until it is just ready to boil again, but see that it does not boil; cover closely and set back where it may keep very hot without cooking. The safest plan is to put the sauce-pan in a vessel of hot water for ten or fifteen minutes.