This course covers, systematically, in an interesting and practical way, the new "Profession of Home-making" and "Art of Right Living." It is divided into forty lesson pamphlets of fifty to one hundred pages each.

Regular Order In Which The Lessons Are Taken

Food Subjects

(1) Chemistry of the Household

Parts I, II, III. (3) Principles of Cookery

Parts I, II, III, IV. (5) Food and Dietetics

Parts I, II, III, IV. (7) Household Management

Parts I, II, III, IV.

Household Art

(9) The House-Its Plan, Decoration and Care, I, II, III. (10) Textiles and Clothing Parts I, II, III.

Health Subjects

(2) Household Bacteriology

Parts I, II, III. (4) Household Hygiene

Parts I, II, III. (6) Personal Hygiene

Parts I, II, III, IV. (8) Home Care of the Sick

Parts I, II, III.


(11) Care of Children

Parts I. II, III.

(12) Study of Child Life

Parts I, II, III.