Clio {Greek) - "She who celebrates."

Clorinda (Persian) - "Brave lady."

ClothO (Greek) - "The Spinner." From kkuow (clotho, to spin). According to mythology there were three Fates who presided over the destinies of mortals, Clotho drew from her distaff the thread of life,. which was spun by her sister Lachesis, and cut by Atropos, who presided over death.

Clymene (Greek) - " Renowned" or "famous."

Clytsemnesti'a (Greek) - "One famed for wisdom."

Columbine (Latin) - "Little dove."

Constance (Latin) - "Firm." Also spelt Con-stantia.

Connie - Diminutive of above. Masculine forms Constantine and Constantius.

Consuelo (Spanish) - "Consolation."

Cora (Greek) - "A maiden."

Coral (Greek) - " Sea maiden."

Coralie - French diminutive of above.

Corinna - Diminutive of Cora. French form Corinne.

Cordelia (Celtic) - " Daughter of the Sea."

The original form was "Creirdyddlydd," "Token of the flowing tide," hence "Daughter of the Sea." Lear, or Llyh = "sea."

Corona (Latin) - "A crown."

Cornelia (Latin) - "Royal." From the Latin "Cornu," or horn, the horn being the symbol of royalty or kingship. Cornelius and Corney are masculine and contracted forms.

Christina - Spanish and Italian form of Christine

Cybele (Greek) - "A goddess."

Cynthia (Greek) - "Moon-goddess."

Cyrene (Greek) - "Fair stream."

Dagmar (Danish) - "Dane's joy." Dahlia (Dutch) - A flower-name.

Daisy (Persian). - "Pearl" or "Innocence," of which the pearl is the emblem. This form is the popular diminutive of Margaret, coming from Murwari, the Persian term for "a pearl," or child of light. By the Greeks the name was changed into "Margarites."

Damalis (Greek) - "A Virgin."

Damaris (Greek) - " A wife."

Damia (Slavonic) - " Morning star."

Damoerita (Greek) - " Pure wife."

DanSb (Greek) - " Parched " or " dry one."

Daphne (Greek) - "A laurel tree." FromDavida (Hebrew)     Beloved.   Vida  is a contraction. (daphnon).

Davida (Hebrew) - " Beloved." "Vida" is a contraction.

Deborah (Hebrew) - "A bee." Also "Eloquent one."

Deeima (Latin) - " Tenth child."

Deiphobe (Greek) - " Foe-scarer," fromDejanita (Greek)   The destroyer. (Deiphobe).

Dejanita (Greek) - The destroyer.

Delia (Greek) - " A huntress."

Delieia (Latin) - "Charming." "Delightful," from Delicio, to allure.

Delilah (Hebrew) - " An Enchantress."

Delphine (Greek) - "A Greek Maiden."

Denise (Greek) - "A reveller," from "Dionysius," a name for Bacchus, the God of Wine.

Desiree (French) - "Beloved," or "longed-for one."

Dai (Greek) - " Divine, noble."

Diamond (Greek) - "Invincible." From(Adamas), the  adamantine stone,  the original name for the diamond, so called because of its inflexibility and hardness. One of the series of   jewel   names.

(Adamas), the "adamantine stone," the original name for the diamond, so-called because of its inflexibility and hardness. One of the series of " jewel " names.

Diana (Greek) - "Chastity." Di is the diminutive.

Dido (Latin) - " Forsaken."

Dinah (Hebrew) - " Judgment."

Dione (Greek) - " Beautiful."

Dionette - Same as Denise, which see.

Dodo (Greek) - Gift from Heaven. Dodo is English form of Dorothea.

Dolores (Latin) - "Sorrow." From "Dolor," pain.