Copyhold. - A base tenure, the tenant's title-deeds being copies of the "roll," or book, of the court of the manor.

Custom. - An unwritten law so long established that the memory of man runs not to the contrary. It must have been continued, peaceable, reasonable, certain, compulsory, and consistent, for one custom cannot be set up in opposition to another.

Fixtures. - Originally meant something which, on becoming fixed to the soil, became part of the real estate. The term now means exactly the reverse, and is applied to things removable by the person who affixed them.

Freehold. - Land which is practically held by a man and his heirs free from restrictions; originally land held by free service.

Manor. - A property consisting of a house or castle and land which the owner or lord reserved to his own use while letting out part of the latter.

Wastes of Manor. - Uncultivated parts used for roads and pasture, etc., by the lord and the tenants.

Love Scenes In Pictures - No. 4

Betwixt Two Fires. By Francis D. Millet

Betwixt Two Fires. By Francis D. Millet