Griselda (Teutonic) - "Stone battle-maid." Derived from "Gries" =a stone, and ' Hilda" =battle-maid. This name is popular in Scotland, but* rarely used in England now, and has lost something of its old meaning for that of patience and resignation from the " patient Griseldis " of the old French legend of the thirteenth century.

Griseldis - Older but less common form of above. Griselidis - Expansion of above. Grizel - The favourite form of Griseldis now in use.

Grizzel - Variant of above.

Gudrun (Teutonic) - " Divine wisdom." One of the Valkyrie heroines bore this name.

Guenever (Celtic) - "White maid." Guennola (Celtic) - "White wave." Guida (Celtic) - " Good sense." This is the

Italian form. Guy is the English masculine form. Guiette - French feminine of above.

Guillehmina - Spanish form of Wilhelmina.

"Helmet of resolution." A Teutonic name.

William is the English masculine form. Guin (Welsh) - " White-souled."

Gundreda (Teutonic) - "War council or wisdom."

Gussie (Latin) - "Venerable." English contraction of Augusta.