This is to hold the needles to protect the points when they are not in use. String some beads on to silk and then crochet into the shape shown in illustration. To do this, crochet two chain, then into the first chain do a double crochet, and from this stitch do double crochet round and round, pushing forward the beads, and the work will form itself into the shaped case needed. Into the closed end a small piece of cork can be inserted, and the beads make the rest of it quite firm, and a sufficient protector for the needles.

If preferred, a small case of strong cardboard can be slipped inside the crochet case. In this case cut a small piece of cardboard, and roll it round and firmly sew it at one end, and put this into the case to ensure the needles from not slipping through between the beads, though this is not likely to occur if the crochet is done tightly and the beads are arranged closely together. Put a piece of strong, white elastic between the ends. A yard and a quarter of ribbon and a ring provide a way for hanging the holder (see illustration).