The'prevention and Cure of Colds - Sore Throats - Too Much Clothing - Wet Garments

The health of the children during the cold weather requires special care. Colds, -ore throats, and chest affections are things to be avoided. There are mothers who complain that the children have "weak chests," and that every winter one attack at least of bronchitis is inevitable. Sometimes it is the throat that is delicate, or the child is constantly having feverish attacks with pain in the joints, which are, of course, rheumatic in origin.

These ailments can be prevented by proper care, and it is greatly to the interests of the child that he should escape bronchitis and rheumatic attacks, which seriously affect the constitution. When a mother knows that a particular child is liable, for example, to rheumatism, she must take special precautions in the matter of diet, clothing, etc., to guard that child, as every attack weakens the resisting power, and may injure the heart.

In the same way, repeated cold in the head or frequent sore throats can be prevented, because there is always a cause for such a tendency, which can be discovered and removed. Hygienic care in the matter of well-ventilated nurseries, sensible diet and clothing, and outdoor exercise, are the best methods of preventing winter ailments.

Sometimes, however, in spite of all precautions, colds, sore throats, and chest ailments appear in the nursery. This series of articles, therefore, will deal in turn with the commonest winter ailments.