Skies at sunrise and sunset give many an inspiration for day-gowns in delicate tones of pink and grey, and for evening frocks too, where misty veilings of tulle and chiffon are draped so that a deeper tone shines out from an under-robe of satin.

Suggestions also may be found of crimson, gold, or purple fading into lilac, of ruby melting into palest sapphire; vague evanescent colourings as fugitive and beautiful as the wide bars of light drawn at sunset across the western sky.

For tea-gowns and for evening frocks there are possibilities in all the wonderful blues and greens of the sea, and those mysterious tints which glitter on the track painted by the moonlight upon the surface of the water, or, again, in the purples which the cloud shadows leave as the sunlight chases them over the hills.

All these colours afford schemes worthy of consideration, especially if we are able to use those many lovely tissues in silver and gold which are interwoven with threads of sea-green and of sapphire blue. These veilings can be draped again with ivory-white silk net, so fine as to be visible only in its softening effect upon the colouring of the other fabrics.