Nee Miss Bertha Krupp, Germany's richest woman, inherited an income estimated at 1,000,000 a year when her father, Herr Fried-rich Krupp, died in November, 1902. She was then but a girl of sixteen, and, of course, became, from a financial point of view, the most desirable matrimonial prize in Europe. But in 1906 she decided to marry a, young man, Gustavus von Bohlen-halbach, who held an insignificant diplomatic post at the Prussian Legation to the Vatican, and who, though he could boast of an ancient lineage, possessed no fortune. The marriage took place on October 15, 1906, in a little chapel at Essen, where the world-famous iron and steel works, built up by the bride's father and grandfather, which employ 40,ooo men, are situated. The. German Emperor, as a mark of special favour, attended the wedding. In spite of her great wealth, Frau von Bohlen-halbach is a woman of simple tastes, and generous withal. She devotes herself to housekeeping, business, and charity, and her noble generosity may be gauged from the fact that she gave 5o,ooo to the Krupp employees' sick fund on the morning of her marriage.

Frau von Bohlen halbach Kessler

Frau von Bohlen-halbach Kessler