The Importance of the Edge Wire-crowns of Different Varieties-methods of Altering the Shape of the Hat by Manipulation of the Edge Wire

In the last lesson the wire shape was completed, with the exception of the edge wire and brim supports.

The edge wire plays a very important part, as the set of the brim depends entirely on its skilful adaptation to the style of shape selected.

To strengthen the brim, and prevent the edge from losing its intended contour when exposed to damp or hard wear, it is necessary to make the edge of a stronger wire than that which is used for other parts. Iron or thick satin wire is usually employed, or a double wire will answer the same purpose. The iron wire can be obtained from any drapers at 2 1/2d . or 3d. the ring.

For an ordinary flat shape without droop or " turn-up," the edge wire is fitted flatly, and fixed round as illustrated in Fig. 1. Great care must be taken to avoid any undue fulness or crumpling of the wire.

A mushroom shape is obtained by slightly