Although this is not a dissertation on Soda Water Syrups or "Mixtures," our task would not be complete until all the information at hand was given. As previously stated, it has to do chiefly with a class of preparations whose ultimate aim, at least so far as the druggist is directly concerned, is combination with syrups and syrup compounds. In these combinations we know no bounds. The genius of man creates daily new forms of flavors and combines remedies for the blood, for the nerves, and for the body in general; also, for the mind or fancy as well. And now we have arrived at the point for which we started, namely, to state that, although no formula for "the same" or "plain" or "you know," nor any of the various alcoholic combinations of endless kinds which, like vice in its various forms, hidden, is not vice to the world, for they do not know it. So these things, hidden by respectability, hurt only those who deal in them.