Soluble Extract of Ginger. a

(Solution of Ginger. Soluble Essence (?) of Ginger)

Fluid Extract of Ginger (U. S.) ..

4 fl. ounces.

Pumice* (in moderately fine powder) ...................

1 troyounce.

Water (enough to make)........

12 fl. ounces.

Pour the Fluid Extract of Ginger into a bottle, add to it the Pumice, and shake the mixture thoroughly and repeat in the course of several hours; then add the Water in proportions of about two (2) fluidounces, shaking well and frequently after each addition; when all is added, repeat the agitation occasionally during twenty-four hours; then filter, returning the first portion of the filtrate until it runs through clear; and, if necessary, pass enough Water through the filter to make twelve (12) fluidounces.

Soluble Extract of Ginger. b

(Solution of Ginger. Soluble Essence (?) of Ginger)

Jamaica Ginger (ground)..........

2 pounds.

Pumice Stone (powdered).........

2 ounces.

*We would suggest that the Powdered Pumice be repeatedly and carefully washed before being used in the above operation.

Lime (slaked)....................

2 ounces.

Dilute Alcohol (sufficient to make),

4 pints.

Rub the Ginger with the Pumice Stone and Lime thoroughly mixed; then moisten with Dilute Alcohol until perfectly saturated; place the mixture in a narrow percolator, being careful not to use any force in packing; simply place it to obtain the position of a powder required to be percolated, so that the menstruum will go through uniformly; lastly add Dilute Alcohol and proceed until four (4) pints of the percolate are obtained; allow the liquid to stand for twenty-four hours and filter, if necessary.

Jamaica Ginger is to be preferred in making this extract, as it not only has a finer flavor than the commoner kinds but is freer from resin.