Various formulas have been recommended for securing the solubility of Extracts of Lemon and Orange, the bases of which, Essential Oils, even when in comparatively dilute solution, do not form with syrup or water perfectly clear mixtures.

It has been suggested in an English journal to shake the Oil of Lemon with five times its volume of alcohol, allowing the mixture to become clear, and then drawing off the spirituous portion. This portion, it is said, contains the flavoring principle, and will mix clear with syrup, and we presume with water.

Carbonate of Magnesia, Powdered Pumice or Purified Talcum may be used for the purpose of making Soluble Extracts.

The following formula will answer for either Lemon or Orange Extract:

Soluble Extract of Lemon

Carbonate of Magnesia, or Powdered Pumice, or Purified Talcum ........................

1 ounce.

Oil of Lemon...................

3/4 fl. ounce.

Alcohol (deodorized)............

6 fl. ounces.

Water (hot, sufficient to make) . .

16 fl. ounces.

Dissolve the Oil of Lemon in the Alcohol and mix well with the Carbonate of Magnesia, Powdered Pumice, or Purified Talcum in a mortar; add enough Hot Water to make one (1) pint, and pour into a bottle having twice the necessary capacity; allow to stand for five or six days, shaking often; filter through paper, adding enough water through the filter to make one (1) pint.

"Other formulas, containing more of the Volatile Oil, could be given, with additions of substances having a chemical effect on the oil. This, however, would be expected to impair the flavor." *

*"Concentrated Essential Oils, prepared by Haensel, are said to be from two to thirty times stronger than the ordinary oils from which they are distilled. They mix clear with alcohol, diluted to as low as sixty-five (65) per cent; and medicated waters can be made from them without having recourse to Magnesia, Talcum, and so forth."