We have knowledge of one manufacturer who is engaged in preparing flavoring extracts for a jobbing house, who furnishes Extract of Lemon and Vanilla at the uniform price of thirty-five cents a dozen, in boxes, complete. These, he informed us, are sold by the jobber mostly to peddlers at forty-five cents per dozen, who in turn dispose of them to the country stores at the nominal sum of seventy-five cents per dozen, they selling it for - a good article, of course.

The same manufacturer showed us a sample of the Extract of Vanilla, which he claimed cost him sixty-nine cents a gallon in bulk.

Just what it contained, or rather what it did not contain, you might readily guess. It had color, looked dark; had odor, a smell of something; and the liquid, when applied to the tongue, so far as alcohol was concerned, appeared to be a stranger. "Further this deponent sayeth not."