This work, entitled "Monograph on Flavoring Extracts," is published for the purpose of improving the quality of Extracts produced.

We feel it incumbent on us to say that without good materials your efforts will fail, and you will be disappointed.

You cannot make good Extract of Vanilla from Tonka Beans, and you can not produce anything good from the ordinary Grain Alcohol or the general run of so-called Cologne Spirits.

The successful Perfumers and Extract Manufacturers in this country buy the best material, and continue to buy it after they have gotten themselves established.

We have been to some trouble and expense to find out who makes the best Cologne Spirit in the United States, in the judgment of many leading Perfumers in New York and Philadelphia, and, somewhat to our surprise, find the universal testimony to be that C. H. Graves & Sons, 35 Hawkins Street, Boston, Mass., stand in the front rank of popularity. We have bought Graves' XXX Extra French Cologne Spirits, and experimented with it, and must say, we are delighted with the results.

While this Spirit costs more to start with than the ordinary Cologne Spirits, the saving in Essential Oils and Vanilla Bean will offset the difference in cost fourfold, and the finished extracts are a constant pleasure.

Joseph Harrop.


Importers, 54 Cedar St., NEW YORK

Offer From Store, And To Arrive, In Quantities To Suit.

VANILLA BEANS - Mexican, every quality and length. Also Cuts, Splits, Granulated, and Powdored with Sugar.

TONKA BEANS - Angostura.

Oil Lemon, Oil Orange, Otto Rose, Last crop. Finest quality.

We are one of the oldest houses in this line here, and cordially invite correspondence.

For nearly half a century we have advertised "any Vanilla selected by us that is not satisfactory on arrival, may be promptly returned at our cost." We make packages of any size for safe shipment by express or mail to any part of the world.