Egg-Nog No. 1

Take 1/2 tumbler of cocoanut cream, add to it 1 teaspoon-ful of granulated sugar, the yolk of 1 egg, and beat with a fork until creamy. Beat the whites of an egg and a pinch of salt to a stiff froth, adding 1 teaspoonful of granulated sugar. Put two thirds of the beaten white in the tumbler with the other mixture and work together. Then put the remaining one third of the white on top and serve at once.

Egg-Nog No. 2

Take 1 medium-sized lemon, 1 tablespoonful of sugar, I perfectly fresh egg, 1/2 glass of nut cream. Wash and scrape the lemon with a fork till all the oil cells are broken, then rub the sugar into it till it becomes quite yellow. Add half of this to the cream, yolk, and tablespoonful of juice, mixed together in a glass. Add the remaining of the sugar to the stiffly beaten white. Lastly stir two thirds of the white into the glass, and pile the remainder on top.

Orange Egg-Nog

Beat the yolk of 1 egg and 1 tablespoonful of cold orange juice until stiff. Beat the white until it is frothy, but not stiff, and add the rest of the orange juice, and sugar to suit the taste, beating it until it is very stiff and crumbly. Fold it with the beaten yolks, put in a tumbler, and serve at once. A little of the orange oil may be added if desired. To obtain the oil, roll the orange on a plate or platter until the oil starts from the pores, then take a little granulated sugar in each hand, and rub the orange until the sugar is saturated with the oil; then take more sugar and continue until the oil is all taken. Use the sugar, or a part of it, in sweetening the egg-nog.

Lemon Egg-Nog

Proceed the same as with the orange egg-nog, using the juice of the lemon instead of the orange. As the lemon is very acid, a less quantity is needed - 1/2 lemon would be sufficient. These dishes are excellent for the sick, who can not take much nourishment, but very little sugar should be used in them.

Fruit Egg-Nog

Beat the egg, without separating, until very stiff, then add the sugar, and beat again. Add the fruit juice (cranberry, strawberry, or any other kind of fruit desired), adding a little at a time, beating vigorously; 2 tablespoonfuls for one egg is sufficient.

Snow Egg-Nog

Take the white of 1 egg, and beat until frothy; then add 1 tablespoonful of sugar and 1 tablespoonful of lemon-juice, beating until it is dry and crumbly. Put in a tumbler, and serve at once. Orange juice may be used instead of the lemon if desired, or a little fruit juice, or vanilla.