Chestnuts With Raisins

Remove the chestnuts from the shells, and put on the stove in hot water, allowing them to boil until the skins are loose enough to rub off, which will be in about five minutes; then put on to cook in hot water, and when they are about half done, or in one hour, put in some well-washed raisins, and cook until the chestnuts are mealy; a little salt may also be added if desired.

Stewed Chestnuts

Prepare the chestnuts as in the preceding recipe, and cook until mealy; then add a little vanilla, and to I pint of the chestnuts add I tablespoonful of malt; heat and serve.


Malt is especially adapted to those stomachs which can not digest starch. It is made from barley; the starch has been digested by the process through which it has gone. Take about 1 tablespoonful at each meal. It also may be mixed with other foods, as malted caramels, malted butter, etc. See directions for making elsewhere.

Bread For The Sick

The unfermented breads and zwieback are the best, as they do not contain the yeast germs. Such breads as rolls, crisps, sticks, gems, and crackers are excellent. See directions for making under Breads.

Zwieback which has been thoroughly toasted, so that all the yeast germs are destroyed, granola, and granose are also good.

Other Foods For The Sick

Other foods, directions for which are given elsewhere, are also good for the sick. Most of the toasts given under that head can be used; also the grains and puddings.