Fried Parsnips

When cleaned, halve the parsnips, and boil until tender in salted water, and then fry in nutcoa or peanut oil. They are as nice as those fried in butter, but we do not recommend fried food.

Parsnips With Egg Sauce

Clean and slice the parsnips, and cook until tender; salt while cooking. Drain off the water if any remains, and pour over them an egg sauce as directed. (See index.)

Baked Parsnips

Scrape and cut in halves lengthwise. Cook in boiling, salted water until tender, then drain or let boil dry. Roll in beaten egg and then in finely grated zwieback. Place the flat side down on an oiled tin, and bake a nice brown. Serve hot.

Boiled Carrots

Wash, scrape, and slice crosswise, and drop into boiling, salted water. Cook until very tender (they need prolonged cooking). When done, they should be nearly dry. If there is too much water, drain off some and season with nut cream or pour over them an egg gravy, directions for which are given elsewhere. Carrots may be cooked in any of the ways that parsnips are cooked.